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Our company was founded in 1986 as the unique vision of our founder, who had for 17 years been a paralegal with a prominent law firm, learning in a wide variety of areas of legal practice.  Originally named "Legal Assistants, Inc.", the company sought to be an out-source service to lawyers and small law firms to handle the clerical aspects of their practice where the lawyer's staff was too small or too busy.  

Abstracting, or title searching, was the first major concentration.  Previous experience and on-going continuing education give us insight and understanding to many issues from time to time arising in the course of a title search.  Litigation, liens, trusts and decedent estates, partition, foreclosure, survey matters, domestic relations matters, contracts, leases and various other situations often become a part of the title search process. Being able to recognize mistakes or omissions, and to read and understand complex legal documents which may affect the application intended by our clients, is important.

After the search, the status of title is generally reported by way of Title Insurance Commitment, followed by Title Insurance Policies at the conclusion of the transaction.  As evidence of her knowledge and integrity, our President was the 2nd non-lawyer in South Carolina to be licensed as a title insurance agent.  Up until that time, only attorneys were title insurance agents.  We now proudly write for three major title insurers. 

Coordinating the closing and preparing loan packages and disbursement balance sheets for closings constitutes the other major concentration.  First, these services were provided to attorney's who did not have sufficient staff for this time-consuming process.   

As time went by, people have become so impressed with the quality of our service that clients come directly to us to handle their real estate transactions.  In keeping with the requirements of South Carolina law--which we believe to be best for all parties involved--we associate attorneys for supervision of and participation in the closing process, including disbursement of funds.

Through continuing education offered by Palmetto Land Title Association, title insurance companies, and the South Carolina Bar Association, we continue to work toward being the best at what we do.  Our reputation is excellent within our region, our State, and with many companies across the Country.  Let us help you with your next South Carolina real estate transaction!


Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To provide complete, accurate and professional products and services
  • To be fair and competitive in our pricing

Title Insurance
Title insurance is an important part of every real estate transaction.  While the Lender generally requires a policy for its protection, no landowner should be without an Owner's Policy, which can be purchased simultaneously with a Lender's Policy for a small additional one-time premium.   These policies assure the named insured that, up to the time of recording its Deed or Mortgage, title to the real estate is good, with stated exceptions. 
Since 1999, expanded, or enhanced, coverage policies are available, providing even better protection to the insureds.  One important coverage in expanded policies is against "Post-Policy Forgeries".  With identify theft being so prevailent, this coverage alone is worth the small difference in the premium.  Should someone else forge a mortgage against your property, the title insurance company--not the insured--would bear the cost of defending against it.  Insist on expanded or enhanced coverage.  
All title insurance premiums are State-regulated and generally won't vary from company to company within South Carolina.     

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