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We are a full-service title company, to meet all of your real estate escrow-settlement-closing needs.

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Title Searches (Abstracts)

  • 40-year full record searches are standard, establishing chain of title to property, any liens, easements or encumbrances affecting property, including judgments, federal or state tax liens, pending actions, property taxes, and available plats of survey.  For commercial transactions, 60-year searches are traditionally required.  Even with the 40- or 60-year parameter, the search cannot stop until it ends with a valid arms-length Deed a/k/a Title to Real Estate.  Sometimes that rmeans extending the search period far beyond the 40- or 60-year mandate, if property has passed from family member to family member, whether by inheritance or Deed.  
  • Limited "current-owner" searches, report matters occuring during time of current ownership only.
  • Modified searches, from a specified date or event forward, are also available. 
  • We still search the old-fashioned way in most of SC--no title plants and limited computer assistance.  We still pull dusty old books at the courthouse.  Thus, several days will need to be allowed for completion of full searches. 
  • A title search report is only a compilation of matters we have found on the public records and in no way consitutes a certification or opinion as to the status of title, which can be provided only  through a Title Insurance Commitment or an attorney's Opinion or Certificate (see Insurance / Certification below).
  • Fees will vary dependent upon complexity, and will also include cost reimbursement for photocopies and mileage (where applicable).
  • We also provide document retrieval, asset or lien searches, and other general courthouse research. 

Loan Closing, Settlement, Escrow Services

  • All closings are in the presence of and under the supervision of a South Carolina attorney, as required by South Carolina law.  The attorney is charged with responsibility for representing the borrower as well as the lender.
  • Purchases, refinances, assumptions and equity lines involving lenders are handled courteously and professionally. 
  • Closing packages may be received by email.
  • Fees for each closing may vary, dependent upon the complexity, but are fair and competitive.
  • All closings occur in our office, between normal office hours. 
  • Witness-only closings may be accommodated upon meeting South Carolina requirements.  South Carolina prohibits Notary signings.

Title Insurance or Certification

  • After the title search, status of title must be certified by a South Carolina attorney to permit issuance of a preliminary title insurance Commitment (Binder), to be followed by a final Policy once the transaction is closed and all Requirements listed in the Commitment have been met. 
  • Title insurance is available through Investors Title Insurance Company.
  • Status of title may also be certified by a South Carolina attorney's written Title Opinion or Certificate, if insurance is not requested.
  • Fees for attorney certification is included in closing fee; but if no closing occurs, an additional charge will apply beyond title search cost for Opinion or Certificate.
  • Title insurance premiums are State-regulated and are generally the same from company-to-company within South Carolina.  For purposes of estimating, standard policy premiums are $3.30 per $1,000 of coverage; and enhanced policy premiums average $3.96 per $1,000 of coverage.
  • "Short-form Policies" are available, which are particularly appropriate for residential refinance closings.  They require a shorter title-search period, which can shorten turn-around time and save the borrower a little money. 

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