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When can we expect to receive results of a title search?
A full title search on a residential property typically requires 7-10 business days, because searches are still done at the courthouse, manually going through indices and pulling books--no title plants in SC and very limited computer assistance.  We do not rely on remarks on index records, but review each and every document recorded during the entire term of ownership of every owner for the entire 40-year period to determine its affect in our transaction.  Thoroughness and accuracy takes time.
A limited " current-owner" search may be expected in 24-48 hours.
What are your fees for a full title search?
Because every search can be different, some much more involved than others, we cannot quote a flat fee.  Our standard fee for a residential search covers up to 6 hours, for $175, plus copy cost and mileage to remote counties. 
What areas do you cover?

Our "home" counties are York, Chester and Lancaster.  We routinely also cover Cherokee, Chesterfield, Fairfield and Union counties.  We are able to provide search services in other counties, including Horry County for beach property.  A factor to consider is willingness of the borrower to close at our office in Rock Hill, York County.   For several neighboring counties, Rock Hill is a routine business destination.  For people living up-State, it is much more convenient to close on beach property close-to-home, rather than travelling to the coast. 

I own investment property and want to sell through a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.  Can you help me?

Absolutely.  We will assist you in completing required paperwork and deposit your sales proceeds with a Qualified Intermediary, which will work with you until replacement property is purchased.  This is a smart and easy way to transfer your investment money from one property to the next, where capital gains tax may be an issue. 

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